Friday, 6 February 2015

The unexpected generosity of guild mates

This post will be a fairly short one, but I just had something really nice happen to me so I thought I would share.

I logged on to WoW, as I normally do, and I had mail. How exciting, we all like mail! I don't tend to use the Auction House all that often so I knew it wasn't a failed auction or something like that. I figured I must have missed something and the handy dandy postmaster was returning it to me. In the end it was neither of these but was mail from my guildie Luxy!

I wouldn't say I know Luxy really well but we did our dungeon hero achievements together, and she is part of the regular group of people I check with when doing challenge modes and other 5 man things. I do know that she is an avid achievement hunter (she currently sits at  23,135 achieve points!), and is quite the pet battler.

In this mail she had sent me 100 chocolate cookies, which for those that don't know they are used in the achievement 'You'll feel right as rain'. I was really touched by this because Luxy had gone out of her way to peruse the achievements I hadn't obtained yet, seen that I hadn't eaten a bunch of cookies yet, and then went out of her way to make them for me! Consideration and effort went into a totally unexpected and unlooked for present, and for that I was touched and very grateful. It is nice having guildies who see you as more than just another body to raid with, and through her doing something like this, I am more motivated to pass on the consideration and kindness.

Have any of you out there in internet land experienced something similar? If you haven't perhaps you could be the starting link in something nice! :)

Thanks Luxy :) you made my day

Monday, 2 February 2015

WoW Goals Week 3 - Failure

Well hasn't this week just gotten away from me. Failing my Warhammer goals and now failing one of my WoW goals AND being late with the others. I definitely over-estimated the amount of time I had to do these things this week. Between Australia Day, work, musical commitments, raids, one of my best friends leaving to Melbourne for 2 years, and staying with the girlfriends mum in Busselton (country town 2.5 hours south of Perth) I just ran out of time. So let's see how we went:

Goal 1: Late!

The first goal for this week was to level my cooking to 700. It was the final profession for me to max on my warrior. In the end I did achieve it, hooray! However I did it this morning, rather than before yesterday so in the end it was late. Funnily enough I had everything I needed to max it out, I just didn't take the 3 minutes needed to move some fish around and finish it off.

Goal 2: Late!

Similarly to levelling cooking, I just never got around to fishing up a storm until this morning. Once again after 25 minutes of fishing I walked away with 80 more Enormous Blackwater Whiptail and a shiny new achievement. It was done this morning, so once again, late.

Goal 3: Incomplete!

Unlike the other two goals that were late, I never got around to finishing my Classic and Burning Crusade legacy raids. There was always something else more pressing to do! In the end I did 40 man Ahn'Quiraj, so that was 1/4 finished. It will be something I shall have to come back to but it won't be a carry on goal for next week I don't think.

Extra Credit

Finally, during my WoW travels I picked up a few more achievements, so here they are:

For next week the plan is to turn this slump around and smash out three new goals in time! The lucky goals are:

1. To achieve revered with the Steamwheedle Preservation Society - I want their follower! Currently I am 7000/12000 so a little bit of time farming rare's and Nagrand drops should do it.

2. Another Angler Achievement, this time it shall be Abyssal Gulper Eels feeling the sting of my mighty hook.

3. Finally, I have never completed any of the 'to all the Squirrel' achievements, so I am going to start with the Azeroth version: To all the Squirrel's I have loved before'.

No bonus's this week, I need to get some tasks completed first!

Due date - 8th February 2015.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Warhammer Goal Month 1 - Failure

So apparently three models are not as 'eminently doable' as I had originally thought. My first monthly goal was indeed a failure, however there were still some valuable things to take out of it.

1. I may not have painted that much, but I did get some painting done. This is more colour than this guy has seen for 18 months, so while I didn't achieve as much as I had planned, some progress was made. 

2. What painting I did, I quite enjoyed, which is great!

3. One of my weaknesses is agonising about how something will turn out before I have actually done anything, so I made an active effort to just get some paint on the model in general, we shall see how it all turns out.

4. I want to work on my blending through multiple thin layers. All the red on the model is just the one red. I used a wash over the top, and then started blending back up to the original red - the best example of this is on the spiky foreleg guard on the beasties front left leg.

For next month I am going to roll over this goal and see if I can get these guys done. I am enjoying painting them at the moment so as may as well keep going with it.

Wish me luck!