Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Where I'm at: Warhammer Fantasy

I was first introduced to Warhammer by a friend when I was 13. We went down to Games Workshop, had an introduction game, and picked out 40k armies we would like. My friend chose the Sisters of Battle, my twin chose Grey Knights, and I went with Space Wolves. Being the jobless teenagers that we were much of our time was spent proxying games on the floor of one of our bedrooms, gazing longingly into the pages of White Dwarf wishing we could have a setup like theirs; beautifully sculpted terrain, immaculate models, all on a glossy mag designed to show off Games Workshops wares.

While I enjoyed my time playing 40k, I found that my heart was really drawn to fantasy. The ranked blocks of infantry, the large units, the outstanding heroes, the magic, monsters, the fantasy setting of the Old World, and the clean and bright colour palette all called to me much more than the grim, dark, war-torn future that is 40k. After scrimping and saving birthday moneys and the like I bought myself a box of Bretonnian knights and was hooked and haven't considered 40k since, much to the dismay of my Space Wolves.

As is wont to happen with teenagers that play with toy soldiers, the pressures of attracting the fairer sex tend to weigh heavy, and I stepped away from and back into Warhammer multiple times. Often this migration would occur in tandem with World of Warcraft; as I became more enthusiastic about one, the other would be neglected.

While I have for the most part kept my finger on the pulse in regards to Games Workshops releases, it wasn't until 8th edition was released that I started to make more of an effort to finish an army. While I still liked my Bretonnians I had never got that close to completing a fully painted 2400pt army. I also found the prospect of painting different heraldry on so many different knights intimidating, so I took the opportunity to start a new army. In the end I chose the Daemons of Chaos; they had great colours, cool background, and the potential for creating a themed army (my preference was Nurgle).

Since then I have been in and out of the hobby, I really enjoy listening to podcasts (such as the Bad Dice Podcast, the Dweller's Below, the Watchtower, and Heelenhammer), but I don't seem to finish anything. Similarly to my WoW post, I am hoping to use this blog as a vehicle to achieve some goals. I started to going to tournaments and the like, so my first goal is to have a legal 2400pt army to use. I have a swathe of half completed projects so my monthly goal (to be achieved by the end of January) is to complete my unit of Bloodcrushers. I have done some conversion work on them already (basic green stuff and repositioning), and they have been undercoated, so in reality this is a painting goal. Painting is definitely my weakest point so hopefully a simple, hopefully easy, goal will help my motivation.

It is a bit hard to see, but their bases have been designed to slot in in a certain way

This one is going to be tricky to keep together, currently the rider is bluetacked on but I will need to find a more permanent solution.

I'm thinking I will need a better camera and a light box at some stage, but this will have to do for the moment. 18 days to finish painting this lot, that should be immensely doable right?

P.S. Hopefully I can find a way in the future to format pictures nicely. That white space is horrible!

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