Sunday, 25 January 2015

WoW Goals Week 2 - Complete!

My apologies to anyone who reads this, I have not been particularly on top of posting this week. I have three different draft posts I am working on at the moment, but I haven't managed to get anything finished. However my WoW goals for the most part are a different matter.

This week was a bit more intense in what I was aiming to achieve. I was aiming to:

1. Unlock the Pet Menagerie,
2. Get the Fire Ammonite Angler achievement,
3. Max Archaeology
Bonus. Complete my Draenor Dungeon Hero achievement
Extra Credit. Guild Rated Battlegrounds

Lets see how it all went!

Goal 1: Complete!

This was the big one for this week. While I (read: my girlfriend) did some Pet battling in MoP, I never got that far with it.

Check the date - I told you I didn't get far

So getting my pet menagerie was more than just beating Gorefu, Gnawface, and my favourite, Carrotus Maximus. I needed to raise a team first to compete with. My first step was to get some Level 25 pets, and the closest ones I had to that were a Leopard Scorpid, my Spirit of Competition, and a Mac Frog. When I mentioned to Navimie, pet battler extraordinaire, what I was doing, she elicited a groan and immediately gave me some advice on the kind of basic pet line-up I wanted. While I haven't quite got to that point I did raise an Iron Starlette to 25, and in the end I took out those pesky pests with my Spirit of Competition, an Iron Starlette (did anyone else think this was a bird before playing with it?) and a Leopard Scorpid. Hooray!

I earnt myself the Keepin' Busy achievement, and finally obtained all the buildings in my garrison.

I really enjoyed the pet battling experience, so expect to see some more pet battling achievements crop up in the future!

Goal 2: Complete!

Once again I found the angling achievement to be quite painless. 15 minutes with fire ammonite bait and some +200 fishing bait netted me over 50 of the blighters. Yet another step towards unlocking my level 3 fishing hut.

Goal 3: Complete!

Archaeology was also quite enjoyable in the end. Similarly to pet battling, I have a lot of achieves to pick up here in the future. Picked up the Diggerest achievement as a bonus, yay!

I actually managed to screenshot this one in time, improvement!

Bonus: Complete!

This was the achievement I was really looking forward to getting, and myself, Cptsars, Navimie, Crooked, and Luxygaga all got it together this week. I am in the process of writing a more detailed post on this so stay tuned!

Extra Credit: Failed

We didn't end up getting the numbers for rated battlegrounds, but no matter, it is just something to keep an eye on for the future.

Week 2 additional achievements (I think I will call this part Extra Credit in future)

During my time on WoW this week I got a few random achievements, so I may as well make mention of those also.

WoW Goals for Week 3

My girlfriend gets back from the UK tonight, it is Australia Day tomorrow, and I am back at work now so my WoW time is going to be slightly more restricted. I also need to crack on with my painting goals so this weeks challenges are going to be on the easier side. That being said, my goals for this week are:

1. Cooking to 700. It is the last profession I need to round it all out.
2. The Blackwater Whiptail population will be affected this week once I am done with my Blackwater Whiptail Angler achievement.
3. I will do my Classic and Outland raider achievements - I need BWL and AQ40 for Classic, and Karazhan, Mt Hyjal, and Sunwell Plateau for Outland. I'm a bit shocked I haven't done these so I best rectify the situation.

I won't set a bonus goal for this week as I think it will only encourage me to spend more time on WoW and less time painting. It will also give me more time to finish those blog posts!

Lets see how it goes, due date Sunday 1st February 2015.

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  1. That's a lot of achievements there! Glad to have been able to be able to take part in some of your goals - because it was a goal of mine (though my goals don't have deadlines - except maybe one which I will talk about some time) and I was glad to have done it with friends!